How To Make Your Designs More User Friendly

Jun 18, 2014

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Making Your Design More User Friendly

Are your designs accessible to all of your users?

Learning & Resources

Making a user friendly design starts with something else, learning the basics of design, and understanding its process. Design is essentially the art of combining words, images, ideas, and more to successfully convey and interact with users. While designing however there are important tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite (namely Illustrator and Photoshop) that provide the best platform to learn the basics. It is important to note that while the Adobe suite is the best platform to design, it is very expensive, and other cheaper alternatives might be best upon entry. Once you have the proper resources check out articles on Lifehacker, or JustCreative which provide access to content from multiple sources to help you in your basic design work.

Improving Your Design

Learn From Others

View the designs of the websites, brochures and products you admire and learn why it is successful. This insight will help you to have a greater vision of design.

Don’t Copy Other Work

While learning from the designs of those you enjoy is good, copying or mirroring an idea is unoriginal and won’t help your design’s success.

Know Your Audience

Creating great design isn’t just about knowing certain software or understanding art. It’s also about understanding who uses your products. Designing a music blog to emulate your favorite food blog won’t succeed, and so it is important to design to fit the viewership that you have.

At Innovation Simple we would be happy to help you improve your design, and show you how a fantastic user friendly design can help your business.

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