Sochi 2014: How to Stay Informed

Feb 4, 2014

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With the Olympics coming up this week, you’re probably planning to turn your TV on and catch the best of all the sports. But let’s be honest, live TV can only capture a portion of all that is happening during the games. So if you’re interested in following the games better than your TV network can do, check out these resources to stay informed about the games!

1. Twitter: The Sochi 2014 Twitter games have begun before the actual Olympic games. Following big names of journalists, athletes, or other visitors in Sochi will help you to stay informed about the big news during the Olympics. Don’t forget to check out trending hashtags, as well. The official Sochi 2014 twitter handle is @Sochi2014. Check out this article to find out other big names to follow during the Olympics.

2. Blogs: If you’re looking for frequent updates that are a little more detailed than a tweet could be, check out some of the popular blogs about the Olympics! These blogs can provide some of the fastest and most reliable information about the Olympics: Olympics Fourth Place Medal and LA Times.

3. Team Stream: Check out Bleacher Report’s app called Team Stream. Although typically used for sports like baseball, basketball, and football, the latest update allows you to follow Olympic sports live! The app is available for both iPhone and Android, but even if you don’t have a smartphone you can receive updates from Bleacher Report in a daily newsletter through your email.

So even if you don’t catch all of your favorite events on TV, you can use these social tools to stay in the loop!

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