How to Use Instagram Hashtags to Help Grow Your Business

Feb 18, 2016

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Instagram is quickly becoming one of the best social media platforms for sharing your content. It is a nice visual platform that your business can use to showcase products, services and goods that it has to offer the world. But, if you are trying to start your brand’s Instagram account, it can be kind of difficult to get a following at first. That’s why we’re gonna let you in on a little secret about one of the best ways to grow your company’s presence on Instagram.

The Hashtag

Hashtags are not unique to Instagram, but they have quickly become one of the most important aspects of it. Being able to label your photos and videos with these tags will put them out there for everyone in the Instagram world to see. Essentially people will come looking for you! Imagine that, no longer having to seek people out, but having them come find you; that’s pretty much the greatest marketing dream for companies. Well, now there is a great way to do so with little to no effort. By adding Hashtags to your post directly or in the comments section, you are adding your photos to related topics. It’s almost like putting your post in a bunch of different files for people to see.

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Now, if you already are familiar with the hashtag, you already know everything we’ve said to this point. But, have you done research on what the top hashtags are for the day, week, year or even all time? By adding relevant hashtags that have a large popularity, you will be able to get your post in front of the eyes of millions of uses.

 Top Ten Hashtags on Instagram

Here are some of the top hashtags we’ve found:



















If your post fits into one of these categories, then make sure you add it in. By doing this you will increase your posts reach dramatically.


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