If You Want It Go Get It

Dec 10, 2009

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It has been said over and over that great unique content is KING when it comes to the web, however search engines also not only read on page content but also depend on looking at links to a document to determine its relevance and importance. The most beneficial type of inbound link to a page are those that are “links of love” which means that people link to you because of your great content.

However if you want to get high rankings in Google and other search engines as well you need to gain more popularity for a page and that does not just happen by just great content and natural links of love. So how does a web page climb the rankings especially in competitive phrases; you have to go and get it!

In the movie Field of Dreams there is a statement that says “If you build it they will come”. This does not apply to the internet and search engines. If you want to have good rankings for a web page and get traffic from the internet to your website then you have to go and get it, in other words you need to position your company in front of this traffic and this takes work.

This is why companies need SEO services performed on their websites and if you really want to know how to climb the rankings in the search engines and know how the algorithms of all the search engines work then you need to hire a professional SEO or SEO company.

So the moral of todays little story is that if you want something for your website then you need to do more than to just build it, you need to market and advertise it and the number 1 way people find businesses both online and offline is through search engines.

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