Incorporating The Fourth of July Into Your Company

Jun 28, 2014

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Let Your Patriotism Show

The Fourth of July is a holiday near and dear to many American’s. It’s a time to celebrate the freedom of our country and how we got where we are today. As a company it’s a great time to implement some marketing strategies. You can connect to your customers on a personal level by celebrating Independence Day in and outside of your store. Maybe you’ll even earn some brownie points with your loyal customers for acknowledging Independence Day. Here is what you can do.

In-Store Decorations

Show appreciation for the good ol’ USA in your store with some creative red, white, and blue decorations. It might not be directly linked with an increase in revenue for your store, but your customers will appreciate it. And they will remember your respect and loyalty to America later down the road when it comes time to choose between you and the competitor.

Partnership WIth Local Festivities

Many towns will have live events like firework shows, parades, carnivals, and cook-outs. Partner with some of the other local stores and event planners to provide discounts to the events that will be taking place on Independence Day. For example, a promotion could include, for every $5 spent at your store the customer can receive 10 percent off purchasing tickets or food at one of the selected events.

In-Store Promotional Offers

On Independance Day, invite your beloved customers to come celebrate with you in your store. Discuss discounts and sale items with management for in-store and online offers during the 4th of July. Customers always love to get a good deal, especially when it’s combined with a special occasion. In addition to the promotional offers, your store could also offer additional savings to those who are active in the military to show appreciation for their service.

Mail Outs

This tactic is in connection with the previous in-store promotional offers. Customers might not be in the store to see the advertising of your Independence Day offers. So just send it to everyone you have on your mail list to send a reminder to those who are unaware. And in the event that they aren’t interested in the discounts, at least you’ve put your brand name in their mind one more time. To learn how to make a successful mailer click here.

For more general ideas about how to implement marketing strategies for your company give us a call.

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