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Sep 10, 2008

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I see a lot of websites out online that are very small and trying to compete in the search engines. In this day and age having 30 pages for a website is nothing. Yet you see a lot of people who put up a website with pictures, a little text, a little about their company, and how to contact them and that is pretty much the whole site.

We have all seen these types of websites everyday. So today I am going to cover one of the major things that search engines look at and that is the size of a website. Pretend you are a search engine and you see a website that has only 30 pages and they have been up for a while.

Instantly your first thought is there are not very many pages so there must not be much information right. Common sense goes a long way in this situation. Now lets say you as a search engine see another site about the same thing that has 400 pages. Instantly as you read this common sense tells you that the website that has 400 pages has more information.

Search engines can easily see this. However all of the information must surround the relative information and be relevant throughout the site. If you have a site that talks about trucks, carpet, and clothing then that is not as tightly focused as having 400 pages that surrounds the concept of trucks.

Having tightly focused pages that go together will provide a user more information. One page talking about tires, one on paint, one on show trucks, one on 4×4 trucks will be a tightly focused website. If you have a 400 page website that talks about trucks and anything having to do with trucks then it will be a lot easier to rank higher than a another website that talks about trucks that is only 30 pages.

This might seem like common sense but you would be surprised how many people think that they can compete with huge websites and only have a few pages of information. In search engine optimization the size of a website is a factor worth looking at. Plus adding and growing content to a website also provides more ways for users to find you and more pages for the search engine to put into their index.

So as you are building your website you should keep in mind that you have to have information of value to be the authority for your keyword in the search engine results. In the search engines size does matter.

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