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Jul 26, 2008

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MSN rounds out the top 3 search engines and is still a search engine that website owners should want to be listed in. MSN does have a loyal audience that does not use Google or Yahoo so here are some things to keep in mind when optimizing for MSN. If you optimize for Google and rank very well chances are you will rank well in MSN. The opposite is true if you optimize for MSN and rank very well does not mean you will rank well in Google. Always be sure where you rank in Google.

The biggest difference about MSN is its algorithm which is behind in technology when it comes to Google and Yahoo. MSN’s algorithm places higher importance on keywords and metatags. Metatags can be changed by webmasters and that is why some say it is easier to fool MSN and why they provide different results. Having well written metatags with keywords (not overstuffed) and great content will help you be listed in MSN. Having metatags will not hurt rankings in Google as they do not rely to much on metatags.

MSN places a high importance on keywords and probably to much. If you have your keywords in high density on a page, filenames, domain, and at the top of pages then you will rank well in MSN. However over stuffing with keywords will get you ranked well with MSN you could be banned by Google and then you are toast.

The best thing to optimize for MSN is to be wise in your keyword density, placement, and overall content. Make sure to optimize very well for Google and you will rank well in MSN.

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