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Jul 25, 2008

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Yahoo is a strong second behind Google in Search Engines so it is very important to optimize your website to be indexed by Yahoo. There are some differences between Google and Yahoo that people should be aware of. Their crawler, Slurp, is probably the most active bot on the web because there are sometimes more web pages indexed in Yahoo.

Yahoo’s sandbox is also shorter so if you do recently start out or make changes Yahoo will probably crawl the site faster and you will be able to see them in the search results faster in Yahoo. Yahoo places more importance on a keyword in a URL and Title together than Google. If you have both a keyword in the URL and Title then Yahoo might put you into the top 10 positions.

A website that is targeting the keyword which is the same as the category that it is listed under in Yahoo’s Directory will stand a better chance of being listed at the top of the search results. Keywords in file names also score well in Yahoo. Keyword density has a big factor with Yahoo. Yahoo places more importance on the density of keywords on a page than Google. However you want to be aware of not over stuffing keywords on a page over 7-8% because Google might penalize you for keyword stuffing.

Yahoo also has a feature like Google’s PageRank of how important a webpage is on a scale 0-10 called WebRank. The higher the WebRank of a page normally the higher it will get in Yahoo’s search results. Normally the top 30 results have a WebRank of 5 and above. One of the features of WebRank is it will notify Slurp when a new page appears making sites get crawled faster and indexing it if it is not already in the index.

While both of these search engines have different algorithms and differences they do have similarities and are closer than that of MSN.

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