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Nov 29, 2012

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Why does digital marketing require quality content, human voice, and financial investment?

Because content marketing including social media is highly sought after: 1) It’s the buzz, 2) It is affordable, and 3) It provides easy access to many people across multiple technological platforms. Consider digital marketing as a key dynamic of your well designed marketing strategy.

How might you improve your digital branding?

We recommend that you share relevant content that informs your customer and gives them options. Quality content is readily distinguishable. Rather than seeking to sell them something, consider presenting future and existing clients with informative value that positions you as a resource in their bank of considerations.

Prepare content with your target audience in mind.

The aspect of human voice relates to showing that you care about their success as an individual. As their success grows so does their ability to take part in your success. Foster the relationship through readership without having an agenda and place that clear intent into the purpose of your content writing.

Financial investment is just that: investment.

Time and planning are associated with investment and directly related to the likelihood that the investment impacts the bottom line. Commonly, I see competing businesses “matching” the advertising of their competitor. This match may not be in the least significant to their success. Rather than consume energy in keeping focus on the competition, drive your focus internally. What is it that propels your brand, people, and your product forward. Get that out. Show that to the consumer. As your financial investment is matched by your focus, effective branding will favor your efforts.

Jeff Sherman, COO at Innovation Simple writes to simplify business believing that “it is our culture that defines us. The camaraderie among successful people is extraordinary. We best make things happen in a supportive environment.”

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