Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Jun 19, 2014

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Because of social media, the world of marketing has expanded dramatically. New media platforms allow companies and consumers to communicate with extreme ease about almost any topic, and the masses can respond, comment, and recirculate content with the click of a button.

As our society continues to make a shift toward the digital, more and more companies are learning how to use their media tools smartly—and turning to young talent to make that happen.

On June 17, an article written by reporter Leslie Kaufman was published in the New York Times. The article, entitled “Sharing Cultural Jewels via Instagram,” tells the story of 26-year-old Dave Krugman—a Brooklyn native who is changing the way New York companies use their social media accounts.

Krugman, who is known for his photography and photo retouching skills, has gained popularity on Instagram. With a significant amount of followers and friends who share his passion for capturing images through a lens, Krugman’s name has become well-known in the social media sphere. Prominent cultural institutions in the New York area are working with Krugman to help revamp their Instagram accounts. The young photographer does not charge for his photo services, and, in return, is often allowed to photograph inside locations with his friends after visiting hours. Krugman’s photos are then featured on the institutions’ respective Instagram accounts, with specific hashtags used to group the photos. The New York Public Library, the Metropolitan Museum, and the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum have all used Krugman’s talents.

“I just have a belief in the platform (Instagram),” Krugman told the Times. “So as smartphones democratized photography, I was able to quickly see the opportunity for institutions to connect with a whole new generation of creative minds and was excited to help them harness the power.”

Krugman’s Instagram campaign is one example of the power social media and photography can play in the role of marketing. Typically, a younger and more involved demographic is found online—a demographic that, perhaps, is not always interested in things like libraries and museums. With the help of Instagram, however, this younger audience is able to join the cultural conversation, and more people are able to be involved in the marketing world.

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