IUSHER set to Pre-Launch

Nov 21, 2008

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IUSHER.com is coming soon and set to pre-launch in Beta. This website is awesome as all of the products are designed to improve the effectiveness of a website and increase sales for business owners.

These products will help any business owner engage their visitors as the ushers are able to show internet users where to find things on a website and allows for business owners to more effectively deliver their message through audio and video.

The highlights for many business owners are the USHERS are designed to decrease bounce rates and get more sales as the exit usher gives a business owner one last chance to give a user a discount or promotion. The USHERS are like having a salesmen on your site welcome your visitors and thank them for coming.

All of the USHERS are customizable so that any business owner can choose what colors, size, and content they want. You can even choose where you would like your website salesmen to appear.

They are excellent for FAQ pages and checkout pages as you can use your USHER to walk your customers through the process of checking out or answer the most frequently asked questions in a more productive manner.

The best part is these USHERS are perfect for internet marketers who wish to keep customers on their website longer, engage them better, increase sales and conversions, and find out what their customers think about them through using a survey.

There are so many things that a business owner can do with their USHER to improve the overall effectiveness. The video spokesperson will help you get more personal with your customers and grab their attention instead of having to rely on text.

Demo all of the IUSHER products at www.iusher.com/demo

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