J. Crew Invents a New Size

Aug 14, 2014

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Marketing Mistake or Just Compromising Sizing?

Obesity in America seems to be a hot topic flooding the news stands, but what about anorexia? We are all aware of this dangerous and growing problem. But do we recognize all of the cultural pressures that force women into this type of mindset?

Many healthy, averaged weight women feel the need to take drastic measures such as bulimia and anorexia to fit into size zero and even double zero (00) pants. When you drive down the road you will pass countless billboards with women that have airbrushed skin and cropped thigh gaps. Both of these examples contribute to the mindset of those who struggle with life threatening diseases.

J. Crew’s Mistake?

A couple of weeks ago J. Crew released a new size pant that will soon be filling the shelves of stores across nation. As if double zero (00) sized pants weren’t small enough, the store is now offering pants in size triple zero (000) to accommodate smaller women.

The question is, are there women out there that are really that small, or will this new pant size put pressure on even more women to starve themselves to fit into the smallest pant size available on J. Crew’s shelves? The store is under high scrutiny in the public’s eye for creating this new pant size. And it makes you wonder if it was worth it for the company to release the new size given all the backlash and criticism the store has received.

Focus Groups

This case with J. Crew is a perfect example of why unbiased focus groups should be held before releasing any new product or service. If you’re not familiar with the term focus group, the term refers to a meeting of about 6-12 potential customers where you test a new product or message. The goal of the meeting is to gage what the rest of the public will think of your new idea based on the reactions of people in the focus group.

Maybe if J. Crew had spent a little more time researching this new size and their audiences response, they wouldn’t be in the tough position that they have put themselves in now. Moral of the story is, always do your research before making any major decisions for your company.

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