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Aug 8, 2013

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Jonathan Rose

Staying on top of all the updates that are continually introduced to Facebook, LinkedIn, and other networking and media sites can be exhausting. Using all your venues of social media to fullest capacity is in all reality, a full time job. Here are a few updates for those of you out there who are still managing your media presence. These tips will keep your head above water, at least for another week.


Facebook recently introduced the ability to embed posts which makes it possible to share any public Facebook post with the rest of the web. When embedded, these posts can include videos, hashtags, and pictures. Online viewers can then share or like posts from any website.


On your business’s LinkedIn page you can now view analytics on how you’re doing. As you share professional and engaging content with the world you can monitor how well your material is being received. These analytics allow you to identify the updates that drive the greatest engagement, filter engagement trends by type and time period, and get more detailed demographic data about your followers.


On the updated version of the Pinterest app, Pinterest recently released a pinning shortcut. The shortcut now allows you to pin, like, and send a little faster from your smartphone. To use the shortcut, press and hold any pin, then the menu will fan out. Then slide your finger over to the pin, like or send icon. This is just one of several updates to the new app update.

These are just a few of several updates that have come out recently. As you’ve probably noted by now, the updates are endless and staying on top of the most recent technology is literally a full time task. Best of luck staying on top of the learning curve!

What other updates have been most useful to you and your business lately?

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