Keeping up with Technology

Aug 5, 2013

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Technology can be frustrating. It can be aggravating. For many people who aren’t used to the pace that technology keeps it can be a rude wake-up call. You master one form of social media when yet another app, program, or even update sends you back to the (digital) drawing board.

What do you do? Is it really worth your time and effort to learn all of these different technologies? Should you give the job to someone else and continue doing what you know? Before you make any rash decisions here are a couple of tips for taming the technological flow.

Embrace Change

Just get it over with now. Letter writing ruled for hundreds of years before it was replaced by radio and telephones. They in turn were replaced by the Internet before their reign reached 70 years. The fact remains the same: the more technology you have, the quicker it emerges, peaks, and eventually dies out. Get used to it. There is no point in whining about how fast technology comes. Learn it, master it, and don’t cry when it changes a year later.

Use What You Know

Have you mastered Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc? If so, now realize that you can utilize those tools to learn about and master new technology. Try following your favorite things on Twitter, they’ll keep you updated in real time regarding the decisions they make. Follow or like a page on Facebook and you receive instant updates. Learn how a forum or discussion board works and follow those for real-time discussions on hot technological topics.

Realize that Technology Builds

If you’ve ever watched someone get a smartphone for the first time you may laugh as they try and work it. If you already know how to work a smartphone you can even help them. Why? Because technology builds on itself. Similar to what we just talked about, keep what you already know. Technology uses technology to make more technology. There’s a mouthful, huh? If you learn how to master a touchscreen then realize the same type of motions will transcend brands and be built upon in the future.

Use the Internet

There are entire websites such as,, and the ever reliable that are devoted exclusively to technology. Check out some of their most popular articles and realize that people are dealing with the exact same problem as you. The website will show you the answer in as simple of terms as they can make it.

What other things help you keep up with technology?

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