Keyword Money Matrix

Nov 17, 2010

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When we do Keyword Research for clients as we begin an SEO campaign, it is crucial that we find the “money” words or the words that will generate ROI for the client in their particular SEO campaign.

The research and empirical data available at Google has improved over the last couple of years, which is great. Many people may wonder however, how much traffic is good traffic? or how much competition is too much competition? Below is a keyword money matrix that can help anyone doing keyword research for an SEO or PPC campaign decide which keywords are good enough to implement into a campaign.

Monthly Searches / MonthCompeting Web Pages in Google

*This information is not guaranteed and should not be interpreted as an authority.

Although this matrix is a great tool and is a great barometer for keyword research, there are KEY elements in doing keyword research and utilizing this keyword money matrix that you have to do correctly, or you will get the wrong impression about how much real traffic and real competition there is in your market. You will likely want Innovation Simple to actually perform a Keyword Research Proposal in order to not make those mistakes and understand the data properly.

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