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Mar 5, 2012

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Las Vegas Businesses Need Expert Graphic Design to Hook and Reel in the Customer

What is Graphic Design?

As a business in Las Vegas, the pressure is on when it comes to gaining a dominant online presence. There are so many ingredients to utilize when it comes to grabbing Internet users’ attention, but the very FIRST step is making sure you have a website that speaks to the customer; a website that says, “Hey! You don’t need those other guys. I have what you’re looking for.” This is where a reputable Las Vegas graphic design agency steps in.

History of graphic design shows that the graphic arts really began with with the prehistoric cave paintings of animals and flourished with the development of writing. In fact, letters themselves evolved from Egyptian hieroglyphics. Each of the great civilizations left their mark on the graphic arts: the Romans developed the alphabet we are familiar with today, medieval manuscripts used skilled calligraphers and illustrators to turn books into works of art, and the development of the printing press brought graphic design to the masses. Today, logos, advertisements, books, newspapers, magazines, signs, websites, etc. are all designed by graphic artists.

Bringing Order to the Chaos

Just as words need to be organized in order to communicate clearly and aesthetically, graphic designers use the “principles of design” to help them organize their message. Concepts like balance, proportion, contrast, unity, variety, emphasis, rhythm, movement etc. are used by designers to arrange the design elements in ways that improve communication and make the design look organized. Graphic designers bring order to chaos and communicate in a way that is more universal and instinctive than words and sentences.

Graphic design and custom website design is basically using art concepts for communication purposes. In other words, it’s “visual communication.” Instead of relying on the meanings of actual words, graphic designers (and other artists) use color, value (light and dark), texture, shape, space (2D or 3D), line, etc. These “elements of design” are used to reinforce and sometimes even replace verbal communication.

When graphic designers do use the written word, they focus on the visual aspect of those words, ultimately giving more potency to their message. For example, they use various fonts, weights, sizes, etc. to communicate visually. To understand what I’m talking about, imagine a legal document written in the Comic Sans or a toilet paper package written in Old English. The font styles conflict with the message. Graphic designers are sensitive with the way fonts and other visual elements communicate a particular message.

Surviving in the Las Vegas Market with Professional Graphic Design

No city in the world has more visible graphic design than Las Vegas. Imagine driving down the Strip with no signs, logos, posters, or billboards; just buildings, cars, and people. It wouldn’t even look like the same town! Smart business owners never underestimate the power of graphic design to build a brand, motivate human behavior, and communicate a complex idea.

You want the best of the best. You want to make sure that you are the king of the hill for your market in Las Vegas. Again, a reputable Las Vegas graphic design company can help you figure out how to communicate with the online crowd using images that relate and appeal to them. Check out our “Small Business Web Design Service” blog post to learn more about how other companies have been successful with this key concept of giving the customer the eye candy that their brain is looking for.


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