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Mar 8, 2010

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SEO is always changing as more social platforms come to life and as search technology changes, however there is that mainstay – linkbuilding. Building links to a website is not only important, it is crucial. One of the best things to do is to build a website that has link acquisition built in.
link builiding websites pointing to your website

A lot of times building links is always thought of as a marketing strategy or a strategy that needs to be incorporated after the website is built. Companies that have had major success online are those who have built websites with products that have what I call a “built in link acquisition method”. This means that when a user uses the website or a product on the website they will want to link back to the original website. So the question of the day is “why would a user want to link back to the website?” If you are building links to your website you will want to ask yourself this same question which is “are there website owners who benefit from linking to my website?” Think of some of the greatest sites in the world and ask yourself if a user benefits from linking to them. YouTube has made it so people can embed YouTube videos on their sites. This makes it so there is now a link back to, the same goes with several other video sites. Twitter and Facebook do the same thing because people want to link back to their profiles. Widgetbox makes it so when users embed their widgets then the user also is linking back to Scribd does the same thing when they make it possible for users to make slideshows and embed them on their sites thus linking back to These types of sites are definitely link acquisition sites in that there is a linking strategy built into the product, thus this was designed by nature before the products were launched and the websites were built. They made their sites and products Cool to link to and millions of users continue to want to link to them. As a website owner you have to constantly think about not only how your website helps users, but how them linking to your website could help them to. While not all sites can compete with the websites mentioned in this article, you can take their philosophies and apply them to your own link marketing strategy.

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