Local Eats in Provo, UT

Jan 28, 2014

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Black Sheep Cafe’s Bleu Burger

With the constant flow of college students in and out of Provo, many local Provo restaurants have struggled to stay afloat. But recent years have been better for local business, and Provo is starting to see restaurants stick around—and good restaurants at that! Whether you’re staying for a while or just staying overnight, these are some Provo restaurants you won’t want to miss:

1. Black Sheep Cafe: With a blend of tastes from the Southwest and Native American cuisine, Black Sheep Cafe is a restaurant like none other! Try the delicious navajo tacos served on soft fry bread along with Southwestern street corn and cactus lemonade—you won’t regret it! Located right on University Avenue, Black Sheep Cafe is easy to find even if you’re not familiar with Provo. h

2. Cafe 300: If you love a good homestyle-cooked meal, Cafe 300 is perfect for you! Having only been open for a little over a year, this restaurant has a promising future! The burgers are delicious, the french fries are cut thick, and each meal comes with two sides! With a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, there is something at Cafe 300 for everybody!

3. Slab: All throughout Provo you’ll find chain pizza restaurants—it’s a college town after all! But Slab kills the competition in terms of taste, variety, and experience! Customers can buy pizza by the “slab” or entire pizzas. With over 40 different types of pizza to choose from (Thai Chicken, Chicken Enchilada, Buffalo Wing, etc.), you’ll never get sick of Slab!

Next time you’re stopping in, don’t leave without trying some of Provo’s tastiest restaurants!

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