Making the Best Hiring Decision Possible

May 13, 2013

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By: Mike Green
An empty chair to fill with a new employee

The Hard Decision

Staring back at me from across my desk sat a very capable, competent, prospective new hire for our company. There was only one problem. I knew she wasn’t right for the position we were trying to fill. As much as I wanted to make her an offer, I knew that it would not bring out the best in her and would eventually end with her either eventually quitting or staying on disliking her job. I’ve hired too many people over the years to see that coming. I wasn’t going to make that same mistake. As badly as I knew she wanted the job, my gut knew she would be settling.

As business owners, we must have foresight in our hiring decisions. We cannot be swayed by anything beyond how well the person will fit into the culture and help your business to grow. If you are swayed by a fancy resume, or something even more superficial, you’re making the wrong decision. Hiring the wrong position does very little for your overall growth as a company, and doesn’t do the candidate any favors either. You’ll be far better served by being patient in your hiring decision and finding the right fit.

Here are a few things to consider when making a hiring decision:

1. Who is making the decision? Be sure that the person who will be directly responsible for the new hire is part of the decision making process. If you don’t you’ll earn scorn from your manager and your new hire will start on the wrong foot.

2. How well does the person fit into your company? Sure, you want your new hire to challenge a few social mores that exist in your culture, but you don’t want to upset the apple cart all at once. If you do, you’ll have a bigger problem on your hands.

3. Are you rushing to make a decision? Like anything, if you rush into the decision, likely you haven’t taken the time to properly vet your new hire. Think about it: you’ll be asking this person to spend a huge amount of their waking hours dedicated to your business. Maybe you should be sure this is the person you want to go to battle with.

4. Is this person going to be a trouble maker? I almost always consult businesses to hire the person not the resume. But in this case, the resume can be quit telling. Does their job history reflect some habitual problems? Sure, its commendable if a person doesn’t waste their time on the wrong opportunity, but can this person stay committed to a company like yours long term?

5. What else can you discover? Lets face it, we all put a our best foot forward in an interview. Expect that from your interviewee. What else can you discover? What do they value, what do they like to do when not working, what are they passionate about, all things that will help you make the best hiring decision possible.

These of course are just a few of the considerations you should make when making a hiring decision. If you choose to build your team carefully and strategically, you’ll have many years of synergistic success waiting you.

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