Marketing: Make a Difference Every Day

Apr 4, 2013

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Scott Christofferson

Evaluate Your Routine

Spring is here. Everything around me is changing and becoming new. Are you experiencing the same thing? Have you thought about your daily routine and how that may be affecting the way you’re implementing your marketing strategy? Take a moment and evaluate your routine. A few small changes may improve your performance.

Analyze your day and think of at least three things that you do every single day to make your day a success. I’ve listed three of my own daily goals below that are part of my routine and help me in the process of meeting business goals.


Recognizing what you didn’t get done is just as important as making your list of priorities in the first place. During the day – and especially before heading home at the end of the day – take a look at your lists and evaluate your progress. I find peace in knowing exactly what must get done for the day, week, month, or even year! Knowledge is power, right?! Even a clear knowledge of your own priorities and deadlines gives you power and prevents unexpected surprises.


Many of us naturally avoid our most important tasks and focus on easier tasks instead – like responding to email. If you don’t create a to-do list in order of importance, you’ll likely end up doing what doesn’t matter most at the expense of what is most pressing. Prioritizing is the answer to your problems. A lack of organization and execution not only causes stress but can cause a lot of mistakes.

Make a Difference

Look around. Look around for ways to make improvements. I wish this were a more natural inclination for me. I love to check things off my list which is why I like to write my tasks down; it makes me feel like I’m progressing. That being said, investing time in a project that’s collectively beneficial for the company is a fundamental element of true teamwork. Whether you create a company wide competition or share a helpful tip, always think about how you can help your team feel and perform better. You’ll be surprised at how much you benefit as well.

What are your daily goals and activities? Do you have any “must do” activities?

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