Mistakes in Resource Boxes

Feb 20, 2009

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Writing articles and publishing them across the web is one of the most effective way in building a websites popularity and backlinks. Using your expertise to the fullest potential is critical in showing people online that you know what you are talking about. The best way to increase the backlinks is in the resource box.

Here are some common mistakes that people make when filling out their resource box:

  • To many words in anchor text – There are a lot of publishers who do not like to see anchor text that has more than 3 words in it. Publishers are constantly looking to see if people are trying to abuse the system and so they like to keep the words in an anchor text to a minimum. Not all publishers are like this but it is good practice to keep your anchor text to 3 words or less.
  • Hyperlink the business name – This is a mistake that a lot of people do. The point of using hyperlinks in your resource box is to increase your search engine optimization for certain keywords not your business. If people are going to search for your company your chances are very high if you are the only business with that name.
  • Only using a hyperlinked anchor text – It is very important to actually have words accompanying your anchor text. If you just have a hyperlink in the resource box then the article publisher will not be happy with you and know that you are more of a spam artist.
  • Not hyperlinking keywords – It is very important to have your keywords in the resource box, but if you do not hyperlink them then you are wasting your time even having them in there. Make sure you hyperlink your keywords.
  • Hyperlinking to the same page – Do not have keywords where you hyperlink them to the same page on your website. You want to diversify where you are pointing your links to. If you have multiple links to the same page then it is like repeating your phone number over and over ant that is pointless.
  • Having to many hyperlinks – Depending on the publisher some will accept 3 hyperlinks and some will only accept only 2. Do not use the resource box to just fill up on a ton of hyperlinks back to your pages.
  • Good plain text and bad html resource box – Different publishers have differences in what they allow for the resource box. There are two type of resource boxes, plain text and html. All publishers allow plain text and only some allow html where you can hyperlink keywords. You do not want to only have a good plain text resource box and then have a bad html resource box.

These are several mistakes that are common in article marketing. If you abide by some of the rules when it comes to resource boxes then you will be alright and will continue to increase your inbound link popularity.

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