Modern Marketing: Half Art, Half Science

Jun 14, 2013

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Tyler Carter

Modern Marketing

In today’s world, marketing is an ever changing field. This is due, in part, to the ever expanding use of technology which is providing new strategies, techniques and tools for marketing than ever before. Modern, effective marketing requires that we use these technological tools in two important ways.

The Science Side

The first way modern marketers have to be effective is by understanding the science of marketing. This side of marketing is driven by the need to optimize what we do in order to show that we can produce results. This optimization includes being able to understand and track important data, effectively use limited resources, and understand how to monitor campaign performance. Technology has made understanding these factors of marketing easier than ever through the use of analytics and data tracking software. Remember, real progress and results are those that can be tracked and measured.

The Artistic Side

The second way modern marketers have to be effective is by understanding the artistic side of marketing. More than ever before, outstanding numbers and data are not enough to make a marketer stand out. A marketer needs to utilize many artistic tools in order to attract attention from clients and for clients. Writing skills, an understanding of social media, and the ability to utilize visual assets are paramount in today’s marketing landscape. Blogging, posting and sharing pictures is not just for teenagers anymore. An online presence is no longer one of those optional marketing avenues. This means one of the biggest ways to stay on top of things in today’s market is to know what is culturally relevant and act accordingly.

With a good grasp on the scientific foundation of marketing and willingness to build upon the artistic side of marketing in a relevant way, you can be up-to-date with your marketing skills.

What do you do to stay on top of marketing trends?

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