Music Monday: Black Friday

Nov 25, 2013

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Bargain Shopping at its Most Extreme

It’s only been hours since you were sitting at that beautifully full table eating a Thanksgiving feast with your family. Everything seemed right. Extended family came to visit and you enjoyed hearing from them. If you pause to think of it now, it surprises you to think of such a peaceful setting in contrast with your current state of scrambling chaotically from store to store for that last pair of Steve Madden boots or the half-priced stereo system. So you wait outside the doors of your next victim at 4 in the morning in anxious anticipation. For the time being, you’re bundled up next to those you came with, but soon you’ll turn on each other like wild animals as you fight your way through the isles of merchandise.

Ah, the joys of Black Friday. For me personally, one of the only things that can get me to participate in the chaos is music. Obviously, much has changed since the invention of Spotify, but there’s still something about owning your own copy that makes you feel like you’ve invested in something beautiful. In my opinion, nothing beats the feeling of owning it on vinyl. It turns listening to music into an event, rather than just an activity.

To help you make the most of this Friday’s music deals, I’ve done a little research for you. Here are some of the most promising deals I could find, both online and otherwise:

    Amazon: If you’re looking to get great deals on music without fighting crowds, or even waiting till Friday for that matter, check out’s Black Friday Deals Week. They’ve got a huge variety and great prices.

    Target: As usual, Target is offering some pretty impressive doorbusters. They’re advertising a pretty good assortment of hot new albums for $5-7.

    Walmart: Wally-World is going big with a lovely selection of $7 CDs. The advertised titles are from some of the biggest artists of 2013 so they’re going to go fast!

Make your Black Friday a day full of music!

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