National Boss Day

Oct 16, 2014

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Tips For Buying a Gift For Your Boss

Marketing companies nationwide are celebrating today. But it’s not your typical holiday. If you’re a boss or if you have a boss — that should cover almost everyone reading this post — today is a day of celebration! If you didn’t know that today was national boss day, don’t worry. As a marketing company in Utah, we know how important it is to make a good impression. And we want you to celebrate National Boss Day with class and elegance. So we have come up with a few low-cost ideas you can implement in the office on short notice to show your boss some appreciation.

1.Get your co-workers involved.

Buying a nice gift for you boss can be expensive, especially on short notice. To offset the cost of the gift, have all your co-workers make a contribution to subsidize the price.

2. Consider your boss’ interests.

What you make like to have might not align with your boss’ wants or needs. A gift that has no relevance to your boss might be thought of as useless and insincere.

3. Don’t get personal.

Even if you know your boss really well, getting personal with your gift can quickly become a sticky situation. Here are some appropriate gift suggestions:

    Fountain Pen
    Coffee mug
    Home baked treats

4. Stay away from gag gifts.

These gifts might be entertaining for a close friend or family member. But when you’re giving a gift to someone in your professional realm, it’s best to keep things classy.

5. When in doubt, buy a card.

There’s nothing wrong with expressing your appreciation with a thoughtful message jotted down in a card. You can even write down your favorite appreciation quote. Here is a list of great quotes you can use.

We hope you have a great appreciation day with your boss, and that you can find the perfect gift.

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