Nature's Energy Jolt: Laughter

Jan 22, 2013

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Laugh Often

I enjoy working with a group of people who regularly make me laugh. It’s like spontaneous combustion. I especially enjoy laughing when tasks are piling up and I have shifted mechanically to autopilot. Laughter makes me human again. Have you had a good laugh lately?

Boost your odds for success today by laughing. In doing so you are increasing your heart rate, oxygenating your vascular system, and utilizing muscles you may not have fired up in a while.
“Laughter is an instant vacation” ~ Milton Berle (

In college, I recall a physiology professor who extemporaneously infused humor into his orations. I looked forward to listening to him. Learning came easier, and I discovered that the course was very well attended. What impact could humor have on your business?

R. Morgan Griffin featured in WebMD summarized the effects of laughter as follows: “Feeling rundown? Try laughing more. Some researchers think laughter just might be the best medicine, helping you feel better and putting that spring back in your step” (

Boost Productivity

I have noticed throughout my career that when happiness thrives in the workplace, the associated teams perform better and their workload appears lighter. It begins with a simple smile. The workplace need not be comedy central. But a cheerful or bright employee disposition will certainly boost productivity.

Do you relate laughter to happy times you have had in the past? I do. I think people associate laughter with good friends and people they love. I have also recognized over the years that crude jokes never really foster a happy outlook. Neither does laughter at someone else’s expense. Rather, good humor is spontaneous and stems from funny nuances and incidences in our daily lives. And some of the best advice I have ever received on this topic: It’s okay to laugh at yourself.

Get Happy

Here are some additional ways to brighten your day: Call an old friend, handwrite and send a thank you letter, purchase a small gift and place it on the desk of an unsuspecting co-worker, congratulate a team member, tidy up your desk or the copy center, place treats in the break room, or help a new employee adjust to the job. Find a way to extend friendship and energy will fill your day.

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