New Year's Resolutions: Forget the Goal, Focus On the Process

Jan 2, 2014

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Scott Christofferson

It’s January 2, 2014 and your new year’s resolutions are fresh on your mind, near to your heart and newly a part of your schedule. How do you feel? My hope is that you’re still feeling motivated, resolved and energized. Here are a few thoughts I have on making sure that you stay motivated and produce results.

Processes Are More Important Than Goals

It is too easy to focus only on the end result – the giant

bank account, the six pack abs, or the life changing novel you’re going to publish. It’s too easy to daydream about the result and forget about the processes you need to implement to reach your goal. Create a process, and create it now. Think about how much money you need to save each week, how many times a week you’re going to work out or how many pages you’ll write each day. As you dissect your goal and create a process and roadmap you’ll certainly reach your goal because you know that by following a process and focusing on daily tasks that in time you’ll be and do what you want.

Focus on Now, Not Then

Once your process is developed and you’re feeling fairly confident in its ability to produce the results you need to forget about the goal and only focus on what you can do right now to follow the process you’ve created. I know it sounds crazy not to focus on the end goal but if you know that your process will lead to the end goal then the process is all you should be worrying about today.

Review and Adjust Often

Set a schedule for a time to review your process and goal. You’ll need time monthly or possibly weekly to look at your process and make sure it’s leading you to your goal. If it isn’t then change the process or change the goal to what you want it to be after following your process for a significant amount of time (more than a week). Maybe you’ve changed what you’re shooting for or maybe you’ve decided you set your goal too low. The goal doesn’t just have to be set at the beginning of the year. It should be reset and adjusted often.

Enjoy Yourself

Have fun! Seriously. If you’re not enjoying the process or don’t really care about the results then why are you doing it? Once again, seriously! Why?! At the end of the day no one really care if you’re miserable so it’s up to you to make sure that you’re not.

Remember to follow the processes you’ve created to reach your goal, focus on the moment and the results will come, make adjustments as needed and most importantly – smile a lot and enjoy the process of improving yourself. Happy New Year everyone!

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