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Nov 30, 2012

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By: Mike Green

Cyber Monday

You survived turkey day and the subsuquent shopping frenzy known as “Black Friday”. After sleeping off your coffee binge, you geared up for yet another huge shopping day – Cyber Monday. Never heard of it? It’s the first work day after the long Thanksgiving weekend that has traditionally been a huge online shopping day. Retailers have focused more and more on this day as a key sales day heading into Christmas push.

The Statistics

  • Online sales on that day increase more than 30% over last year, peaking at about 11:30 EST
  • About 17% of shoppers used a mobile device to make their purchase, which is a 70% increase over last year. The iPad ruled the market with close to 90% of the traffic coming from Apple’s hot selling device.
  • Facebook and Twitter accounted for over 70% of all social referrals that lead to online sales. Pintrest countinued its break neck growth by accounting for 15% of social referrals. That’s an increase of 105% over last year.

However, one of the most interesting statistics is that while Cyber Monday is a huge day for retailers, the amount being spent online as a whole is being spread out to other days. The reason for this points to a trend of online shopping acceptance as a whole. This is great news for those positioned in the online space. They have paid their dues, and their time is now upon us.

Did you shop online this year or are you planning on it?


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