Open Site Explorer Launched by SEOMoz

Jan 22, 2010

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SEOMoz has recently launched a new link analysis tool called Open Site Explorer. This new tool will show you the amount of links a page is getting, the anchor text, the percentage of links that are followed or nofollowed or 301 redirects. My favorite part of the tool is the domain authority and the page authority metrics. These metrics will help you analyze the importance of a page and the domain as a whole:
open site explorer quick metrics

This tool could be the new replacement for the Yahoo Site Explorer tool which many SEO’s are thinking will be a thing of the past as Yahoo will be outsourcing all of their search to Bing’s algorithm. Getting raw link data for a whole domain and individual pages is irreplaceable data needed for doing search engine optimization. One of the major things to look at when looking at link stats is the domains that are sending links as the quality of those domains plays a huge role in Google looking at the authority of the domains giving the referral link. It all comes down to quality in Google’s algorithm and a major part of the algorithm is the quality of links that point into a specific page and to the whole domain. In this tool you can filter the way you want to see links and if you want to see links to a certain page or to the whole domain.
open site explorer filter results

If you wish to compare sites and how their link data differs or the authority of the page or domain you can easily see all of the data side by side.
open site explorer compare sites

There are 3 ways you can use this tool: as a guest, as a free member of SEOMoz, or as a pro member of SEOMoz. Depending on which one you are will determine how much data you get from the tool.

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