Pet Peeves in the Social Media World

Aug 7, 2013

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We’ve talked a lot about social media and the different effects it has on society, social interactions, and especially business. Social media has become unavoidable in today’s world. If you’re reading this article you’ve probably already participated in the adage “If you can’t beat ‘em, join em”.

While the world shifts to a more digital age there are still a couple of housekeeping items, albeit small, that need to be taken care of. Here is a random list of pet peeves that are sure to aggravate your customers unless you take care of them.

1. Make sure your links work. Nobody wants to click on a link that doesn’t work because they’ll think their computer or internet is broken. Really the problem is you.

2. Spll stuf currectly. Our eyes naturally focus on things that aren’t spelled correctly, and an entire punchline can be ruined with just one misspelled worrd.

3. Avoid repeat posts. We know you’re very proud of your post that gained 10 likes and 2 retweets, but posting it again so it shows up at the top of your followers/fans page isn’t going to help. Remember, people follow your pages and content because you post interesting, new stuff. So keep it that way.

4. Employ an artistic eye. Take a general glance over your post before you make it. Avoid aesthetic mistakes such as:

  • The

    too many spaces between words problem.

  • The too few spaces problem.Especially after a period.
  • Stuff that was a bulleted list, then wasn’t.
  • Then was.
  • Links that look like this: how+do+you+expect+people+to+remember+thisUSD3348
  • Sentences that should have fit on one line to make a concise point, but you spent additional time on the sentence so now it fits on two.
  • 5. Different posts, same flavor. You know exactly the type of friend that I’m talking about. This is the friend that adds 50 new pictures to the “Summer Fun!” album and they all end up being 50 pictures of their head, with slightly different backgrounds to illustrate how much “summer fun” they are having.

    6. Updating once a month. If you take that long to update your page or post no one will ever visit your sites.

    7. Being wrong. If you are unsure of a fact then don’t post it. Remember, if you have access to a google search, so does everyone else. They will fact check you and harass you about it until you apologize.

    What other pet peeves do you have in the social media world?

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