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Feb 3, 2009

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Brad Callen has a new keyword research tool that he has been working on for the last 8 months called PPC Web Spy. There is a standard version for FREE and then others that you can upgrade to. You can download PPC Web Spy at www.ppcwebspy.com.

This research tool is a Firefox addon that will show up in your status bar. You have to have Firefox as one of your browsers as the tool only works on Firefox.

The purpose of the tool is to find what keywords your competitors are bidding on in Google Adwords and shows them right in the search results. It also has a dropdown that allows you to display the destination URL’s so that you can see what landing page they are sending people to with that ad.

The tool will show you:

  1. what keywords they are bidding on
  2. their position in the sponsored links
  3. the average cost per click
  4. the maximum cost per click
  5. clicks per day
  6. cost per day

This is an incredible amount of data that will help a person to see exactly what their competitors are going after, where they are positioned, and how much they are paying.

Although this is a research tool to see how much people are paying for adwords to help you know what keywords to go after yourself this is a perfect tool for SEO professionals.

Those who do SEO can research who is paying for Adwords and how much they are paying. This is some information that you can look at a glance and then you can approach them to offer your services knowing how much they are paying and how your SEO services can help them.

If you do SEO let me know your thoughts on this new tool put out by Brad Callen by leaving your comments and feedback.

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