Nov 26, 2012

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Why We Launched Provo?

When we were discussing how to move our company forward with a greater foothold in northern Utah, we were discussing two primary markets: Salt Lake and Provo (or Utah County).

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Human Capital

The main reason that we chose to go to Utah County was human capital. We had better access to talent in Provo than in Salt Lake City. The influence of the Universities and their subsequent graduates provides a large pool of talent and potential opportunities for Innovation Simple. There were suprisingly few big agencies in the town and much bustle around tech. In addition, Utah County had become one of the major SEO hubs of the entire nation. Commercial office space was affordable and internet connections were superb.


What Might Surprise You

What might surprise you is that according to the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce President Val Hale,

“Utah County is the economic capital of the entire state.”

Prior to joining the Chamber, Val served as Vice President for University Relations at Utah Valley University for two years. In that capacity, he oversaw legislative affairs, marketing, public relations, media relations and community relations. He also developed partnerships between UVU and local businesses.

Learn more about Val Hale.

Web Design and SEO in Provo

Tech and Web start ups and entrepreneurs flourish in Utah County. Provo, Utah is one of the main technology and online marketing hubs of the United States. Web design in Provo abounds and the best SEO companies in Utah are in Provo. Innovation Simple has chosen to grow its presence in the Utah market with Provo being one of the main hubs.

With highly trained and skilled individuals in the web design, web development, web hosting, and search engine optimization disciplines, Innovation Simple stands out as a small business marketing company with superb capacity and impeccable integrity. Innovation Simple is not just a Utah web design company with locations all over Utah, but has much more to offer to help small businesses manage their marketing effectively.

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