Provo's Summer Escapades

Jun 21, 2013

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Don’t Let Your Summer Be Boring This Year

Now that the weather is cooperating and the heat is cranked up to the point where you need to cool off in the pool, here are five outdoor activities that will help you enjoy your summer in Provo.

1. Rooftop Concert Series

Bring your blankets or a lawn chair and listen to local and well-known musicians on top of the Provo Town Square parking lot, and be part of a community event sponsored by Downtown Provo. Past performers at the Rooftop Concert Series have included Imagine Dragons, Joshua James and The New Electric Sound. For more information on who’s playing each month, check out the schedule here.

2. Provo Farmer’s Market

Fresh produce from local farmers in the Utah Valley makes eating much healthier and organic. From farmers and home gardeners, to arts and crafts, live music and prepared food stands, take advantage of supporting local vendors. For more details on the market, click here.

3. Hikes in the mountains

Summer is one of the best times to explore and becoming one with nature once again. From Y Mountain to Stewart Falls to Mt. Timpanogos, there should be no such thing as boredom in your vocabulary. Check out some of the hikes that you can finish this summer.

4. Scenic drive through the canyons

Load your car up with friends and family to see more of what Utah has to offer you this summer! Take a drive through the majestic scenery that will make you say, “I love Utah.” And don’t forget your camera to capture the breathtaking views.

5. Festivals and carnivals

Utah boasts some of the best festivals that can all be enjoyed for free, hosted by different cities in Utah Valley. Little girls can participate at the Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point, or celebrate the Fourth of July at America’s Freedom Festival in Provo with a grand parade for all to watch and even participate in a 10K, 5K or a 1 mile fun run.

What are some activities and places around Provo that you enjoy?

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