Random Things Every Manager/Leader Should Keep in Mind

Aug 6, 2013

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Your Employees

They are smart. I don’t care where you work or what you do, they are smart. Depending on the type of work you do they may be differing types of intelligent, but like children, they will notice a lot of different things.

What type of things? Why does that even matter? Take this typical children/parent scenario: a young child wants to watch a really funny TV show, but his/her parents deem it to be inappropriate. The child is young and doesn’t understand much so he/she goes along with it; however, like most children he/she almost always ends up watching it at another friend’s house. Not long afterward he/she notices his/her parents are watching a show, similarly inappropriate and when he/she asks why they can watch it the response is, “we’re older, your parents, and that’s the way it is”.

That doesn’t always sit well with children, but they go along with it because of their parent’s authority. Most people don’t think they recognize and put together the illogical thought process, but they do it anyway.

Fast forward to your “grown up” job. You’re lucky enough to be in a management/leadership position, and you find yourself blind to the same “parenting” mistakes that were used on you. Illogical thinking will tear your company apart faster than you can say, “karma”. Here are some tips to keep out of that mess.

  • The best managers and leaders never pull rank on their employees. Their employees will work for them simply because they know you care about them and the work they do
  • Try not to speak in absolutes. When you say, “always remember to do things like this” your employees will always do it that way. This is good if the thing you want them to do is absolute (show up on time, work hard, etc), but bad if you ever need to contradict yourself.
  • Be involved in aspects outside of work. Everyone wants to talk about funny, sad, and random things that happen to them in the day, and if they feel comfortable enough around you to do so it will be a good indication of your relationship with them.
  • Break character every now and then. If you are always serious having a random office party, or letting everyone off work can do wonders for employee morale.
  • Four random tips. Think you can remember them?

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