Real Time Search – A New Breed of Search Engines

Nov 9, 2009

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The web is evolving and so is the level of intelligence for internet users. Individuals can find things on the fly and now there are more sources to find things other than search engines. User Generated Content has inspired some of the best internet companies around including the infamous Youtube and Twitter, however it has also caused some major problems for search engines who are trying to crawl and index web content.

Real time search is still in its infancy and Twitter is the one who is moving this now web into existence. Although you can search on twitter for something that got posted only seconds earlier their search algorithm does not pull back recent conversations that might be relevant to what you are looking for, it only retrieves by freshness.

Both Google and Microsoft have made some strides in working with Twitter in providing real time search results as they continue to try and outdo each other. Google may have the upper hand when it comes to the relevancy issue as their algorithms are more complex in nature.

How does this real time search affect SEO and the industry? One of the main things SEO’s work on is building inbound links to a webpage in order to improve its popularity and this major part of seo goes completely out the window in real time search. There have been many questions about how the search engines will incorporate it, some say they might put it in the web results for the universal search while others say they should have a seperate engine.

As internet users we not only get to participate in the integration of searching and sharing we also get the opportunity to vote on what we feel is important as many social platforms allow for user reviews and ratings. When the Real Time Web comes into full fruition we will all get to see the value of searching a database of millions of users reviews and opinions.

Facebook has over 300 million users currently who can create, share, and vote on content. Do you see how this will change the online marketing arena even more than it has.

We are moving into a “Now” web and users will experience the web in a way that they never have before when the power of search integrates with real time in which there will be a new breed of search engines like Scoopler, OneRiot, DailyRT, Topsy,, tweetmeme, and more.

In due time we will see what proves to more valuable, results driven by computers or results driven by humans.

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