Recipes for Holiday Treats

Nov 29, 2014

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Foods that will help turn up the festive spirit this holiday season

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Lets take a break from marketing for a second to talk about the thing that is most likely to be on our minds at this very moment: food. Let me tell you that I’ve got this figured out. If you’re trying to escape the judgment of co-workers, friends, or family with your guilty pleasure foods, you’d better change your food choices with the holidays, because then you can use the “the neighbors brought it over” excuse. Also as a warning, you might have to bring/make a little extra to share…

Here are some food recipes to consider using when smuggling new goods into the office/around in the home:

Red velvet fudge: A combination of cream cheese, vanilla, sugar, and chocolate morsels… and if you’re allergic to nuts, you don’t have to put in the walnuts.

Holiday biscotti: This one is an interesting one. Think cookies that you get on that cramped airplane flight, but with pistachios and dried cranberries and dipped in melted white chocolate.

Hazelnut cinnamon rolls: I wouldn’t mind waking up to this everyday for Christmas break… It just has a few additions to your typical cinnamon roll.

Dark chocolate peppermint pattie cake: Like the recipe says, if you’re the person going crazy for the Girl Scout chocolate-covered thin mints… this is your recipe.

Oh, and just so you know… your spouse/romantic interest will still probably give you a hard time about whatever you eat so you might have to get creative when smuggling this out of the kitchen.

Now back to work!

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