301 Redirects and Moving Domains

Mar 24, 2009

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Innovation Simple has moved their Utah web design website from www.webdesign-utah.com to http://utah.innovationsimple.com. This move will better the innovationsimple.com website as well as help the Utah web design department within Innovation Simple become bigger and stronger.

When you are going to move websites from one domain to another you have to be very careful not to trip yourself up, your users up, and most importantly the search engines. The search engines are used to seeing the content on one domain and when you are going to move that content over to another domain then it is vital that you do so very carefully.

When moving websites from one domain to another you use Redirect 301’s which tell the search engines that you are permanently moving that content onto another domain. When doing this it is vital that you know what domains you are going to move to what new domain.

The best thing to do is to have a plan of attack and then do it. It will take the search engines some time to understand what you are doing as they continue to crawl your old website domains. When they see the Redirect 301’s they will then follow over to the new domain which has the content.

You will want to keep the old domain up and running with the redirects so that the search engines can continue to figure out what is going on. Plus sometimes you might have some url’s that you might have missed putting a Redirect 301 on.

After you move over your content you will want to let everyone know what your new url is so they can bookmark it and tell their friends. Continue to post content on the new url so that the search engine will continue to crawl your new domains and better index them.

You will want to social bookmark your new domain so that the search engines will follow them along with writing a press release to let everyone know that you have made a move in which they should know about.

As you do these things effectively the search engines will understand what you are trying to accomplish and then you will start to see your new url show up in the search engine results pages.

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