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Jan 7, 2012

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2012: Search n Social

Mashable Business published a great article with an Infographic from M Booth and Beyond.

search and social infographic

*Infographic courtesy of M Booth and Beyond

Ramifications for 2012

This trend is not new. Forester Research predicted the internet and interactive media to dominate all forms of marketing in business by 2012 – and here we are. This year looks to be a great year for Search marketing and Social Media with these two mediums taking over some of the traditional forms of marketing. Phone books are a dying breed and Google and Facebook have taken over.

There is another marketing trend that is brewing right now that will make a big difference in 2012 for some marketers, but I will leave that for another day….

About Author: Gaydon Leavitt is the President of Innovation Simple which takes a strategic marketing approach to small business. Innovation Simple doesn’t just build websites, they build businesses and actually help write marketing plans and strategic plans for businesses. Innovation Simple as a managed marketing provider for helping create and develop marketing plans and materials for small businesses in today’s market.


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