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Apr 7, 2010

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In an age where 8 out of 10 people in the United States use Google to find whatever they want it is important to take a look at why so many people use Google and why they continue to use them. The main reason is the trust factor which means that when people search for things on Google they trust the results that are being shown and will look at the websites listed as authorities in that area. I was at a custom home builders office earlier today and he told me that the companies that were ranking in the search results for what we were looking at did not even do what he does which is high end custom homes. He asked my why would they show up here? I told him that he was looking at the results from strictly a long term general contractor and that is why he was discounting those other companies.


If you were to ask the companies that were listed in the top search results they would hands down say that they were custom home builders. Most business owners fail to forget that the people that are using Google are “SEARCHING”, not trying to make a case as to why a company should not be listed. As a normal consumer who might now know the different companies in a specific region and does not know the history of the companies would not be looking at it the same way he did, in other words his potential clients would not look at the same search results as he would. They would simply only know who was showing up and then would do their research from there. The companies that are listed at the top of search results are looked at as authority companies by average users. I told him that he may think his business is the top custom home builder business in the area, but if his company is not listed then me as the user at home will not think that when I use my trusty friend Google to find a custom home builder. As a regular user I would not have an experienced custom home builder sitting in the chair next to me helping me understand who the players are and why I should go with him rather than someone else. The phrase that he told me “that is deceptive” made me really think that he was not looking at this from a user’s perspective as a user would not know if it was deceptive as they are still doing research and would only be doing research on what is being shown specifically on page 1.


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The bottom line is that if your company is not on page 1 in Google for whatever terms and phrases that describe your company, your products, or your services then you are “NOT THE AUTHORITY”. Search results especially from Google are now in the year 2010 widely used as indicators to average users who the authority companies are. If you are not in page 1 of Google then you are not in the game.


Below is a picture of what are the results of eye tracking which is where you use a piece of software to track eye movements when looking at a webpage. Here are the results of a Google search results page. The top left corner of the results receive the highest amount of eye interest and is a good reason the top 3 listings receive the majority of clicks.
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Not only is page 1 in Google something that all companies should strive for, the top 5 and even top 3 listings are the overall most widely looked at and clicked when a user does a search. Search results show authority and the more search queries that you can show up high in the more your company will be looked at as an authority. The best way to show up higher in the search engine results pages is to higher a professional SEO company that can do the research, optimize, track results and continue to understand what search engines are looking for. Innovation Simple can help you if you want to make your company become the “AUTHORITY” in search results.

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