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Sep 18, 2008

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In these days technology is getting more advanced everyday. On the flip side there are people who wish to use this advanced technology to steal and use other peoples computers to get personal information. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe from internet predators.

There are so many types of viruses, spyware, and malicious software that it can be overwhelming to keep up to date with what is out there. First and foremost is to have anti-virus software installed on your computer. There are many different kinds out there so be sure to look in Google for anti-virus reviews.

The computer is becoming more relevant in every persons life, whether you are in business, school, or at your house everyone is using a computer. So it is very important to keep it safe.

Here are some tips on how to avoid getting viruses and spyware.

1. Have anti-virus software running and up to date.

2. Never open forwarded emails.

3. Be careful on what you download.

4. Be careful on what sites you visit.

These are the most important things to remember. The reason you should never open forwarded emails is because you do not know what type of security the person forwarding the email has. A lot of viruses travel this way.

A lot of viruses come through dowloaded files as well. Downloading software or files is as common as drinking water these days so it is critical to make sure that what you download is not infected.

With so many different sites out there it is easy to visit a website that is not a good site. It is hard to tell what site is a good site or not and that is why the antivirus software is critical. They can help you find sites that are not trusted.

Think of having anti-virus software as and insurance policy. If you use your credit card online and have personal information on your computer then it is best to make sure it is safe. It is worth the money to keep your computer safe from internet and computer hackers.

It is also a very good idea to back up all of your information and data on your computer onto an external hard disk. This way if something does happen to your computer you have all of your information and all is not lost. It would be a bad day when you realize everything is gone.

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