Segment Your Opt-In List

Jul 26, 2008

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Segmenting your opt-in list can increase your conversion rates by helping you to narrow your different customers by age, demographic, or geographic location. If you can identify your customers on a more personal level then you can tailor more of your e-mails and offers to them. For example if you have both men and women buying your products and you have a new feature that would work better for women under 25 then wouldn’t it be nice if you knew the age of your customers.

If you did then you could special tailor the new feature to the women on your list who are under 25. This would be more beneficial than sending out the offer to everyone on the list. Sure the women under 25 would get the e-mail, but so would everyone else and they would think to themselves “why am I getting this.”

I am sure you have gone to your mailbox and received some type of mail and it went from the mailbox to the trash. Your nice new offer could go down the same path if you get the point. Making your customers feel like you know them and their needs and offering them something tailored to them will make them want to buy from you more and increase your conversions.

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