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Sep 19, 2008

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SEO (search engine optimization) can be overwhelming to a lot of people. There is so much out there on the internet in regards to how to effectively do seo. So I am going to make some of the seo in lamans terms so it is easy to follow.

The search engines exist to help people find the most important information for any particular word. If you type in computers then the search engine will pull back what it feels is the most relevant and informative material for the end user.

Google is the top search engine in the world. So the question is how do these search engines work. They have what is called algorithms and these algorithms are created by computer engineers. The whole goal of algorithms is to properly index information into the search engine.

So the search engine has information stored like a bank stores money. So the first key to seo is getting a website listed properly in the search engines index. Simply put this means that every webpage is indexed, not just websites. So every page of your site can be indexed. So you name the page exactly what the page is about. You do this by the meta data.

Next is how much is your company growing? Is the site continually adding information that is useful to users. Next is how big is your company and how many people like you. This is just like any offline business. The bigger you are and more reputable (popular) your company is the easier it is to send your friends to that company.

The same goes for search engines. They want to list companies that have a good solid reputation with good information. That is seo in the dumb version.

So try not to get hug up on all of the details of confusing things. Always go back to the basis and ask yourself:

Is our company the most informational, relevant , and popular company for this keyword that is typed into a search engine?

Keep in mind that Google’s algorithm is the most advanced and are much further ahead in determining this information listed above. Keep to the basics or as they like to say in sports (stick with the fundamentals).

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