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Jun 28, 2011

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How Do I Rank High in Google?

At Innovation Simple, we help websites rank high in Google. Lots of people ask Innovation Simple what factors Google looks at when deciding where a web page ranks in search engines. There is a basic list that we can discuss with clients in terms of factors to consider. If I were to narrow it down to 5 things, they would be:

  • Popularity – This includes links pointing to your website as well as other factors that indicate popularity such as social media activity and traffic to your website.
  • Relevancy – This factor has largely been the main focus of SEO since its birth and is typically centered in content relevancy and meta data.
  • Size – Just like in the offline world, the biggest and baddest websites usually mean they are the most powerful and authoritative.
  • Growth Rate – This is typically all about content creation. There are other factors however. If website content or other factors off-site indicate growth or an acquisition of another company etc.
  • Time – Those who have been around the longest have an upper hand on any new competitor in the market. However, there is a certain level of first impression when it comes to Google and those players who hit the ground running and do a great job at the other factors mentioned herein, can gain ground quickly on older and more experienced competitors.

Recently, Google’s algortihm has been changed and geared more toward social networking that is taking place in relation to a website. Twitter and Facebook account activity seem to play a greater role in the algortihm than they have even since 2010.

If you would like a simplified version of these ideas, there are really two factors that dictate rankings in Google’s natural search and they are content and links. Content creation on and off site that talks about the company and links pointing back to the website.

Finally, the simplest way to look at ranking high in Google is to simply ask how we decide who ranks the highest offline. How do we decide who is the best sandwich shop or bank or mortgage lender. This may take some time to understand completely, but the same ideas that make companies successful off line are the same principles that make them succeed online. Google has designed it that way on purpose. Google’s purpose is to organize the world’s information but it does that through finding the highest authorities on the subjects searched. Have you ever noticed how big well known sites (like or others) tend to rank higher than others. The next time you perform a search pay attention to the search results and how many BIG websites show up near the top. Its all about authority with Google.

Innovation Simple helps companies increase their authority in the eyes of Google and literally helps increase the awareness and popularity of websites on the internet. Call 888-559-3274 for more information about SEO for small business.

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