SEO Is More Than Just Title And Description Tags

Jan 28, 2010

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As the internet has evolved over time a lot of users have evolved as well and are getting smarter and smarter. When it comes to businesses who are now budgeting where they are going to put their marketing dollars, a lot of them are realizing the wave of online marketing as not only a way to advertise, but becoming the main way to advertise. I was asked yesterday by a long time radio executive “What is the most popular website today?” and my answer was the infamous Google. I told him if I was to go out and ask the employees in his office if they use Google everyone would raise their hand. If your company is not being found in Google then you are losing market share in a hurry. The best way to advertise online is by performing SEO (search engine optimization) which is what we call the lion of internet marketing. Why is SEO so powerful, because it is the art of getting a page listed in the 1 0f 10 results in a search engine and 85% of all clicks from users are on those 1 0f 10 results. SEO is continuing to improve and evolve as the search engines and internet as a whole evolve and some companies may think that they can either do it themselves after doing some quick research or hire a part time person to do it. SEO is more than just title and description tags, Google is very open as to what they want as they explain in their webmaster quality guidelines.
seo process mind map

Google looks at over 200 factors when formulating the relevance and importance of a page so you can see that titles and description tags are not the only things that are taken into consideration. Professional SEO’s exist because this is an industry that you have to stay up to date on and continue to improve your skills just like a lot of other industries. For a company to think that they can just do some quick research and/or higher a part time IT person to know all of the ins and outs of SEO is a far cry from reality. Here are just a few of the things that SEO’s have to worry about:
  • website usability
  • bounce rates
  • page speed
  • anchor text
  • semantic code
  • link quality
  • url heirarchy
  • analytics reporting
  • and a ton more
It is highly advised that any business who is serious about receiving traffic from the search engines higher a professional who knows how to perform a lot of SEO activities and one who continues to study what is going on with search engine algorithms. If you are considering performing an SEO campaign for you business it would be worth you time, money and effort to hire a professional firm that would manage the account and who also stays up to date on all of the updating and evolving that happens in the SEO industry and community.

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