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Apr 11, 2012

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Bringing Innovative SEO Practices to Las Vegas

Vegas Businesses Need SEO Done Right

We have spoken to many business owners in Las Vegas over the past few months. Unfortunately, a lot of them have had bad experiences with SEO in the past. The costs were high and the results were disheartening. Because of experiences like that, SEO sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s often viewed as a waste of time, spreading spam across the Internet that ultimately hurts rather than helps a company’s website.

For any business in Vegas who has had such experiences, we at Innovation Simple want to help you clean up some of those messes left behind.

SEO Las Vegas

Las Vegas Has Become Our Second Home

Our own Jeff Fargo has made quite an impression with businesses and organizations in the Las Vegas area. He was recently quoted by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

“The Chamber has become my advocate, my satellite office, and our springboard into Las Vegas market penetration. People wanting to conduct business in the Valley are wasting money, time, and effort without taking a membership position in the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.”

Jeff has had several meetings with business owners of casinos, retail stores, and other businesses throughout Vegas who need proper SEO implementation. They have the potential to blow their competitors out of the water, but haven’t had much luck when trying to take advantage of Internet marketing tools and strategies.

One thing that we notice when meeting with these business owners is how disappointed they are with the way they were treated by other SEO companies. Nothing was done on time. Communication was lacking. They never knew what they were getting and if it was helping them at all. To us, the whole point of SEO is to cater it directly to a company’s specific needs and goals. Not only that, SEO is like voodoo to many people, so communicating to them how it works and what results it is producing each month is critical.

How We View Search Engine Optimization

We provide SEO to Las Vegas businesses because we know just how much they need it. Vegas is ripe with opportunity and potential success stories. If they can make an impression with not only their consumers but with Google as well, they’ll start to see their traffic double, triple, and even quadruple. Search engine optimization can make that happen.

Google is like a football coach. If you work your hardest to muscle up, learn the game plans, and show up to practice on time, the coach will make sure you’re on his first string group of players. You may be muscular, talented, and fierce, but if you slack off and try to take the easy way around things, the coach will bench you without question.

When it comes to SEO, you have to be a starting player. You need to be smart, work hard, and play by the rules. We at Innovation Simple know how, where, and when to do that. Our Las Vegas SEO experts have been helping companies make strides on the Internet for years. The way we do SEO produces ROI. It’s that simple, and it’s worth every penny. No spam. No penalties. No complications. Just user-friendly, search-engine friendly SEO methods.

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