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Jun 18, 2013

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Jonathan Rose
SEO is Black and White

SEO is Black and White

Search Engine Optimization is an Internet marketing technique that helps to boost the visibility of a Web page in Google and other search engines. It involves adding the right tools and content to the right places on a website. That’s the simple definition, and it doesn’t need to get any more complicated than that. But what most average business owners don’t understand about SEO is the fact that it really is black and white; no smoke and mirrors whatsoever.

2013 is proof enough that SEO requires expert knowledge, skill, strategy, and persistence, especially in competitive environments. Many SEO agencies might have been able to pull off results in the past without providing details to their clients as to what was being done exactly. That won’t work today.

Basic SEO Practices

Since SEO now requires much more involvement between both parties, the agency and the client, there should never be anymore “What the heck is going on with my website” talk. I’ll show you what I mean by outlining a few of the most basic SEO activities that work today:

  • On-site Optimization – The first activity performed in any SEO campaign should be the optimization of the website. This action requires a knowledge of what keywords and phrases a business’ target customers are searching for in Google. The proper content can then be added throughout each page of the site. Understanding how these target customers think and act online is essential. This is where digging into the client’s knowledge and experience is critical.
  • Blogging – Consistently providing great information about your industry to consumers is one of the best ways to show Google that you’re a great business and care about your customers. Pretend the client is a national hay bale distributor. A content writer at an SEO agency probably knows nothing about the hay industry while the client is an expert. Consulting with the client to come up with a killer article on “How the Hay Industry is Building the US Economy” is the only way to be sure that only the best content is being produced and marketed.
  • Link Building – Pushing your content throughout the Web to the right sources and right audiences can lead to others linking to and sharing that content. Social media channels and popular industry news websites are great resources for producing the highest quality links to your website. Using valuable connections the client may have to help attract journalists, bloggers, and important voices with deep networks could hold a limitless amount of awesome press and, of course, back links.

Different Types of Google

Google isn’t just organic search. Here are just a few of the other “Googles”:

Whichever Google resources apply to your business, you should be marketing there. If you have a video to promote, jump on YouTube. If you have some great news to report about your industry, write a great press release and target Google News. If you know your customers are searching for images instead of organic search results, optimize your images on your website for Google Images.

There’s a Lot, and It’s Not Slowing Down

The Utah SEO solutions we provide our clients have molded according to today’s guidelines. The only way we’re able to produce great results for our clients is if we keep up with the constant change. That’s our job.

If you’re a business struggling to figure out how to be successful online or how to manage all of these great resources, call us at (855) 238-8444. We’ll work together to figure out how you can make the greatest impact using the best SEO strategies.

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