SEO Should Start In The Concept Stage

Feb 23, 2010

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When a company is starting up, building a website is a crucial factor and is a must in today’s world. SEO should be at the front of the list even before building a website. So the question is “When does the seo process start?” SEO is a strategy that needs to be incorporated into every business, it is not just a one time tactic that can be performed. SEO is more than just putting some keywords in title tags and submitting the site to some directories. SEO encompasses everything from proper site architecture, accessible coding, the internal and external linking strategy, understanding how to make content worth linking to, content syndication, social media and more. SEO starts before the site has a look and feel to it. There needs to be proper keyword research, market analysis, and a competitive analysis performed in order to best understand the geographic regions, seasonality of market and the trend of the market. When this work is performed a more comprehensive SEO strategy can be incorporated as the site will have proper file structure and link structure. An effective SEO strategy always works best when it is coupled alongside a strategic marketing plan. SEO is a long term commitment and some business owners who do not understand marketing may feel like they are pouring their money into a marketing channel that does not show immediate results. That could not be any further from the truth, when a proper SEO strategy is employed the investment will always bring back results. I always tell clients that performing SEO is all about building a company’s reputation and authority online and that when building any company that will stand the test of time and be looked at as a credible company it takes time. The #1 thing to remember is that it does take work to build a company’s reputation whether it be offline or online. Rome was built brick by brick and SEO is no different in that you have to build the foundation and then the seo strategy grows with all aspects compounding on each other.
seo process building blocks to success

The best thing a company can do is make their company alive instead of DEAD. Most companies online are dead meaning they build a website and hope that traffic will come in as soon as they put up the site and life will be great. NEWSFLASH! That is not how companies build either offline or in the online world. In order for a company to grow and have an effective SEO strategy they need to have a site that is alive and constantly growing and moving. Think of the most important and influential online companies in the world right now:
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • and more like them
What do all of these companies have in common? They continue to grow and give value to the web every single day. The owners of all of these companies did not hope on a Sheer Luck marketing strategy meaning that when people come to the site it is Sheer Luck. Google is always a good example in knowing how to do SEO. Look at their business model and the way the site is structured. The urls are all friendly for all of the different departments and they use good anchor text in their links, and oh yeah they continue to grow every day. If you use Google as an example of how you should grow a company online then you will be in good shape. Some companies feel that they can do their own seo, depending on the complexity of the seo process. SEO can be very basic and it can also be very advanced. It is always advised to use a professional SEO who can implement sound strategies on the website for the best results. In conclusion every company should treat an SEO campaign as an essential element within the company model and should be implemented before the website is even built.

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