Simple Tips for working with a web designer

Sep 11, 2010

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If you want to get the exact design you want, you’ll probably have to work harder than you think, maybe even nearly as hard as the designer himself.

Here’s some tips to help you end up with a design you’re excited about.

Tip # 1 – Find example designs that you like and give an explicit explanation as to what exactly you like about the designs.

Tip # 2 – When your designer starts giving you initial designs, give them as much feedback as you can.

Tip # 3 – Meet in-person with the designer or do video chat explaining what you like or dislike to your designer.

Tip # 4 – If you don’t end up with the design you want, pick the one designer that got the closest to what you want and who you think could do the job.

Overall, you should take charge of your design and keep in touch as well as you can with the designer you are working with. At Innovation Simple, we have designers you can work with to design the site that is just right for you. However, if you have a designer you trust, you can have them do the design and we can do the strategy, programming, hosting, security, SEO and so on.

We hope you have outrageous success!

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