Slogans and Why They Matter

Jun 16, 2014

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Slogans 101

A slogan–a short, catchy phrase of about 5 words or less–is a crucial ingredient to any successful marketing strategy. Why so short, you ask?

Make it Memorable

This is definitely one of those “less is more” situations. In the media saturated world that potential customers call home, it’s absolutely vital that companies convey only the most important information in the shortest time possible. Take the new Adidas campaign that has flooded the World Cup, for example: “All in or nothing” says a lot more than you might expect with a four word catch-phrase. It conveys feelings of hard work, a warrior mentality, and other aspects of athleticism that potential customers can latch onto.

Create Unity

Aside from branding and helping to convey a message, slogans also help to create unity across advertising efforts. Using the same or similar slogans on posters as you do in TV ads can help people make connections and help you make the most of your advertising costs.

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