Social Media Pitfalls to Avoid

May 24, 2013

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Tyler Carter

3 Don’ts

There are many social media do’s and & don’ts. Here are three big ones to get you started.

1. No Social Media Plan

Getting lost in the ever-expanding social media world is easier than ever before. Too often we see businesses try to establish a social media presence with no plans, objectives, or goals to speak of. Creating a social media account without deciding how to use it is like buying a car without knowing how to drive. You have the potential to do more harm than good and you may not get anywhere at all. A good social media plan can be the difference between rapidly building your online presence and doing the equivalent of driving in reverse on the freeway. If you want to get good at it, it is going to take some effort.

2. Only Talking About Yourself

Too often businesses drive onto the social media superhighway thinking they can act like they are the only car on the road. We have all seen them, those drivers who are sure that wherever they need to go is far more important than where everyone else is trying to get to. You cannot be that way if you want to be credible in the world of social media. Social media is called “social” media and not “personal promotion” media for a reason. It is a place to become part of an online community. When businesses show that they only care about themselves they lose credibility very quickly. To earn the right to promote your business you must show that you can contribute to the community. Talk about the area where your business is located, ask questions, get opinions, and show that you care about the people you are interacting with just as much, if not more than your own business.

3. Forgetting Your Followers Are People

It is easy to think that we can get away with acting in a way that is not normally acceptable when we are not in normal conditions. Just like the nicest person you know can turn into a snarling, road-rage filled, monster during rush hour traffic, we can act less than human to those we interact with through social media if we are not careful. We need to realize that every comment, post, and share represents a person and it is the people who make social media such an invaluable tool. Responding respectfully to those who post on your social media sites, no matter what they are posting, will build your credibility as a professional entity.

What social media pitfalls bother you the most?

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