Social Media Predictions for 2014

Jan 21, 2014

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Now that you’ve got social media figured out, it’s time to get used to its constant changes because that’s just how social media works. If you’re using social media for business purposes, it would be wise to keep up on these changes as they happen so that you can optimize your marketing success! According to this article by the Social Media Examiner, here are some of the predictions for social media changes and trends for 2014.

1. Employee Advocacy: Twenty-fourteen is the year for employers to put their business back in the hands of their employees. The Social Media Examiner predicts that this year employee advocacy will become a strategic initiative for more large companies. Instead of outsourcing social media marketing and other forms of marketing, many companies can find their biggest fans within their own office walls. Putting marketing in their hands will help their passion shine through to potential clients.

2. Pay to Play: What used to be considered “free marketing” on social media is no longer free. The major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) now have much less organic newsfeeds, including paid advertisements. Publishing good content is no longer enough to get your social media account recognized. In the coming year most companies will need to pay to promote their advertisements in order to get recognized by potential clients.

3. Shifts in Social Storytelling: In our global age, most consumers want a reason to be loyal to a company. They want to know where the company has come from, where it is now, and where it is going. The story of a company has become increasingly important to customers of the twenty-first century because each consumer has so many options. This is the year to find a creative way to tell your story!

These social media predictions should help you and your company to stay ahead of the digital marketing game! For more information on how your business can excel at digital marketing, contact Innovation Simple and learn how simple marketing can be!

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